Molecular Imprints J-FIL Technology Demonstrates Ability To Produce High Performance Wire Grid Polarizers For Flat Panel Displays

(Nanowerk News) Molecular Imprints Inc., a market and technology leader for nanopatterning systems and solutions, today announced it has developed a roll-based Jet and Flash® Imprint Lithography (J-FIL®) technology and process that can readily be applied to the display industry. This new technology has been successfully used to fabricate high performance wire grid polarizers (WGPs) that can be integrated into flat panel displays.
The Flat Panel Display (FPD) industry continues to pursue new technologies that enhance the end-user experience. One such innovation is to replace conventional polarizer films with integrated WGPs. Polarizers in liquid crystal displays (LCD), are passive devices that control the output of light of the display. WGPs, which typically consist of a dense array of sub-100nm aluminum lines, are already used commercially in projector displays. "The superior performance of WGPs are well understood but the scaling challenges of fabricating larger area WGPs has limited adoption to projector applications," said Mark Melliar-Smith, President and CEO of Molecular Imprints. "By applying our J-FIL technology to the display market we have demonstrated exceptional visible spectrum polarization performance with extinction ratios exceeding 30,000 without sacrificing the desired >80% parallel transmittance. Our roll-based implementation of J-FIL will initially enable form factors that support smart phone and tablet displays and ultimately full size monitors and TVs."
It is expected that an integrated WGP will improve the power efficiency and color fidelity of a flat panel display while making them thinner and at a lower cost. Other applications of interest that are well suited for MII's roll-based J-FIL technology include thin film transistors, color filters, photonic crystals and touch panels.
About Molecular Imprints Inc.
Molecular Imprints Inc. is a technology leader for high-resolution, low cost-of-ownership nanopatterning systems and solutions. MII is leveraging its innovative Jet and Flash™ Imprint Lithography (J-FIL™) technology to become the worldwide technology leader in high-volume patterning solutions for semiconductor devices, while enabling emerging markets in display, hard disk drive, and biotechnology. MII enables nanoscale patterning by delivering a imprint lithography solution that is affordable and extendible to sub-10 nanometer dimensions.
Source: Molecular Imprints (press release)
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