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Nexview 3D Imaging and Surface Metrology System With High Precision, Flexibility and Speed Introduced by Zygo

(Nanowerk News) Zygo Corporation announced the Nexview™ profiler, its next-generation 3D imaging and measurement system for rapid, precise, quantitative, and interactive surface metrology. This new system for both the production and scientific research markets is an all-new flagship product from an industry-leading surface metrology systems company.
The Nexview profiler is optimized for non-contact surface metrology of an extensive variety of samples and surfaces from the very smooth to the very rough. With sub-nanometer vertical resolution at all magnifications, metrologists need not sacrifice precision for changes in field of view. Using non-contact 3D technology, the system will safely measure fragile and transparent materials without altering the test surface. Its high speed performance, even on steep slopes up to 85 degrees, lets the Nexview profiler save time compared to magnification dependent technologies.
Making the most of multiple technological advances, the Nexview profiler and its Mx™ software package produce extremely high fidelity surface topography maps for measuring roughness, flatness, angles, films, steps, and more. This new software platform acts as a simple to use and learn single interface for system control and data analysis, providing rich interactive 3D maps, quantitative topography information, and intuitive measurement navigation.
With simple software application recipes, a wide range of objective magnifications, and convenient automation setup built-in, the Nexview profiler accommodates multiple parts and setups. Recipe changes are quick and easy; with new recipes typically taking only minutes to configure. Additionally, specialized software modules for measurement in the presence of transparent films and 2D vision analysis are available for expanded functionality.
"As a new concept in surface mapping, the Nexview profiler is a significant leap forward in data collection and interactive surface analysis. These are in high demand for our customers with challenging and high precision requirements. It enables a wide variety of topography applications previously not addressed, and expands our market opportunities," commented Don Battistoni, Executive Director of Worldwide Sales, Marketing, and Service for Zygo Corporation.
Zygo is launching the Nexview profiler today at the SPIE Optics + Photonics exhibition in San Diego, California. Over the next three weeks, it will also be introduced globally at CIOE in Shenzhen, China, the Fringe Conference in Nürtingen, Germany, and the Quality Expo in Chicago, IL. For more information about the Nexview profiler, please visit us at one of these shows or go to
Zygo Corporation is a worldwide supplier of optical metrology instruments, precision optics and electro-optical design and manufacturing services serving customers in the semiconductor capital equipment, bio-medical, scientific and industrial markets.
Source: Zygo Corporation (press release)
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