Cima NanoTech and Fujimori Kogyo Team Up in Strategic Partnership for Commercial Production of SANTE Films

(Nanowerk News) Cima NanoTech, a smart materials company and developer of the SANTE® Self-Assembling Nanoparticle Technology, and Fujimori Kogyo, a top manufacturer of high quality opto-electronic films and materials, announced their partnership and successful commercial mass production of SANTE® Films.
This partnership establishes Fujimori Kogyo as the leading global manufacturer of Cima NanoTech’s silver nanoparticle-based SANTE® Films.
The partnership is a strong strategic fit which leverages on Cima NanoTech’s strength in its proprietary SANTE® Technology and Fujimori Kogyo’s leadership in manufacturing opto-electronic films and materials.
With this partnership, Cima NanoTech and Fujimori Kogyo will develop high quality, reliable SANTE® Films for manufacturers in a variety of industries for applications like electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, transparent heaters, touch screens and flexible displays. Today, both Cima NanoTech and Fujimori Kogyo are selling SANTE® Films.
SANTE® Technology, a self-assembling silver nanoparticle network, enables cost-effective transparent conductors with excellent electrical conductivity at high transparency and flexibility. With SANTE® Technology, manufacturers can expect new applications in electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, transparent heating, touch screens, photovoltaic, OLED lighting and flexible displays.
With its clean, efficient, and low-cost wet coating process, SANTE® Technology offers industry-changing possibilities and is poised to be the next-generation transparent conductor.
About Cima NanoTech
Cima NanoTech is a smart materials company and developer of the SANTE® Self-Assembling Nanoparticle Technology for transparent conductors. Founded in 2003, Cima NanoTech has business development centers in the United States, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China that enable close, local partnerships with electronics manufacturers worldwide.
Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cima NanoTech Israel, Ltd., is the company’s R&D center and production facility. Cima NanoTech was a 2008 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award winner and Top 10 Greentech/Cleantech recipient. Additional company and product details are available at:
Source: Cima NanoTech (press release)
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