Nissan Chemical Industries to Exhibit Functionalized Nanomaterial for Touch Panels

(Nanowerk News) Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. will exhibit at CEATEC JAPAN 2013 to showcase development products intended for use with smartphone and tablet PC touch panels. The products incorporate 'HYPERTECH,' a functional coating comprised of our proprietary multi-branched organic nanoparticles (hyperbranched polymers).
UV-curable fingerprint resistant hard coating material
This new grade of hard coating material has substantial abrasion resistance (to steel wool) at just half the thickness of existing products (2 - 3m), while simultaneously achieving higher surface slip properties.
Ultra-high refractive index UV-curable coating material
This UV-curable coating solution has a maximum refractive index of 1.79(@550nm) and consists of only organic material. Coating this solution onto ITO (indium tin oxide) or silver nanowire touch panel film electrodes makes it possible to effectively obscure underlying electrode patterns.
Low refractive index coating material
The refractive index of this coating material after UV-curing is 1.39 (@550nm). Unlike conventional fluorine coatings, this material can be coated in layers and has acid resistant properties. Using this in combination with the high refractive-index material, it is possible to render the electrode pattern even less conspicuous.
Electroless plating nucleating agent for inkjets
This is a composite material of an ammonium-terminated hyperbranched polymer and metal Pd nanoparticles. This inkjet ink leverages the low viscosity characteristics of hyperbranched polymers to enable Cu or Ni plating for substrates such as glass or film to be applied solely on to areas to which they have been directly drawn.
Nissan Chemical's booth number is 3C23.
Source: Nissan Chemical Industries (press release)
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