Izon Releases qMicro for Rapid, Simple and Accurate Analysis of Cells

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology instrument manufacturer Izon Science today released qMicro, a new low-cost product for accurate sizing and counting of cells and micro-scale particles.
“The qMicro applies Izon's design capability and nano-pore expertise to measurement at the micron scale. Micro-scale analysis is an easier problem and the result is a simple, compact and robust benchtop device. The qMicro offers accurate, repeatable and reliable measurement to a wide range of users in cell analysis,” says Hans van der Voorn, Executive Chairman of Izon Science Ltd.
Many cell-based research studies require cells to be counted in order to standardize cell concentration between different samples in an experiment. Additional detailed measurement of the exact size or volume of individual cells within a sample is useful information for a wide range of applications including haematology, cancer research and cell culture.
The qMicro is a new type of Coulter counter and provides a useful complement to techniques like Flow Cytometry or Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) by providing accurate information of the exact size and number of cells in a sample, prior to further analysis.
The device is inexpensive to maintain and operate due to Izon’s robust micropore technology. There are no expensive dyes or reagents required and measurement occurs in a physiologically compatible buffer. The technique is non-destructive and samples remain intact and can be retrieved after measurement.
“The qMicro expands the family of Izon instruments and provides a useful and affordable tool for researchers. We’ve had many requests from customers for a compact simple device for larger scale particle analysis. Our knowledge and design experience has allowed us to develop a system which is easy to use and cost-effective while retaining high accuracy and reliability in measurement,” says van der Voorn. “We’ve designed the system with the goal of making it accessible to a wide range of research labs”
Izon Science’s (http://www.izon.com) qNano and qViro-X instruments are recognized market leaders for accurate nano-scale measurement of a wide range of particles in drug delivery, extracellular vesicles, biomedical diagnostics, and vaccine development. The qMicro expands Izon’s particle-by-particle analysis range up to around 300µm, enabling rapid, simple and accurate sizing and counting of cells in solution, as well as other micron scale particles including aggregates in injectable drugs.
The qMicro instrumentation and software system will be available at a significantly lower price point than other benchtop cell analysers.
For more on qMicro visit http://www.izon.com/qmicro
Source: Izon (press release)
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