Nissan Chemical to Showcase Proprietary Nanoparticle Coating for Touchscreens

(Nanowerk News) Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. will exhibit at C-TOUCH 2013 Shenzhen, the 11th China (Shenzhen) International Touchscreen Exhibition, to showcase development products intended for use with smartphone and tablet PC touch panels. The products incorporate ‘HYPERTECH,’ a functional coating comprised of our proprietary multi-branched organic nanoparticles (hyperbranched polymers). HYPERTECH will be showcased at a booth of Inabata & Co.,Ltd, 2A381.
Exhibit Information
Ultra-high refractive index UV-curable coating materials
Nissan Chemical’s UV-curable coating solutions have a maximum refractive index of 1.79(@550nm) and consists of only organic material. Coating this solution onto ITO (indium tin oxide) or silver nanowire touch panel film electrodes makes it possible to effectively obscure underlying electrode patterns.
Thermal cured fingerprint resistant hard coating materials
This is thermal cured coating material, a brand new product for touch-screen glass. Comparing to existing vacuum coating material, it actualizes higher surface slip properties, higher fingerprint resistance, and durability by wet coating.
UV-curable fingerprint resistant hard coating materials
Nissan Chemical’s UV-curable hard coating materials have substantial abrasion resistance (to steel wool), while simultaneously achieving higher surface slip and chemical resistance properties.
Booth number of Inabata & Co.,Ltd is 2A381. Inabata and Nissan Chemical are looking forward to showing you their HYPERTECH products at the booth.
About Nissan Chemical Industries
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. was founded in 1887 as the first chemical fertilizer manufacturer in Japan. Since then, Nissan Chemical has continuously focused on innovation while boldly pursuing new business opportunities. Nissan Chemical currently provides products and services globally in three business segments: Functional materials (organic, inorganic and electronic); life sciences (pesticides, pharmaceuticals); and chemicals, while continuing to refine the core technologies the company has historically developed, to advance the products indispensable in society’s daily lives.
Source: Nissan Chemical Industries (press release)
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