Nanobiotix Launches NBTX-TOPO Development, The First Nanotherapeutic With Embedded Radar

(Nanowerk News) Nanobiotix, a clinical-stage nanomedicine company pioneering novel approaches for the local treatment of cancer, announces today, in accordance with its plans, the selection of its new product, NBTX-TOPO, in view of its preclinical development.
Third product from the NanoXray platform, this unique product combines two important functions: a more efficient eradication of remaining cancer cells following the surgical removal of a tumor and a more accurate localization of a tumor. NBTX-TOPO is potentially applicable for all types of post-operative radiotherapy.
This is the third product from the NanoXray technology platform to be developed which is a major milestone achievement.
The NBTX-TOPO product is a gel containing nanoparticles which is designed for direct application to the "tumor bed", the cavity left following the surgical removal of a tumor. This product could form part of the standard procedure to prepare a site for post-operative radiotherapy to destroy residual cancer cells.
This unique product could present for the first time a combined solution addressing two unmet medical needs of post-operative radiotherapy:
1) Enhance the elimination of residual cancer cells in the “tumor bed”
NBTX-TOPO originates from the NanoXray pipeline and therefore its properties are based on the physical mode of action of hafnium nanoparticles. Under the action of radiation therapy, the nanoparticles maximize X-ray absorption within cancer cells, without increasing the dose received by surrounding healthy tissues.
As a therapeutic product for use post-operatively, NBTX-TOPO could potentially better target and destroy remaining cancer cells, i.e. not removed during tumor resection. The goal is to prevent local or distant recurrence caused by any remaining cells.
2) Assist in the localization of the "tumor bed" post surgery, i.e. map the exact site where the tumor was removed to better position the radiation dose for subsequent treatment
In addition to a therapeutic effect, NBTX-TOPO enables the better visualization of the tumor bed because the hafnium crystals inside each nanoparticle are radio-opaque to X-rays. The radiation oncologist can thus better assess the positioning of the "tumor bed" thereby helping with greater targeting accuracy for delivering X-rays exactly to the site of interest.
The therapeutic action of NBTX-TOPO is therefore enriched with a support tool for the practice of post-operative radiotherapy, thereby increasing the intrinsic value of the product to the radiation oncologist.
Product indications
The applications of NBTX-TOPO could be to all types of post-operative oncology radiation therapy, including breast cancers, lung cancers, vertebral metastasis or soft tissue sarcomas.
Market potential
The market potential of the first indications could make NBTX-TOPO the second most important product for Nanobiotix after NBTXR3.
Development program
Moreover, NBTX-TOPO has benefited from experience and technological approaches already used for another NanoXray product, NBTXR3, which is already in clinical trials and tested in two first indications. From a regulatory point of view, this represents an advantage in terms of non-clinical development and cost as preclinical trials of NBTXR3, first product of the company, provide a solid base of toxicological program.
NBTX-TOPO benefiting from these advantages, the Company could envisage the completion of the related regulatory preclinical trials by the end of 2014. The Company does not intend, however, to divert from its main goal, i.e., the clinical development of its most advanced product, NBTXR3.
Laurent Levy, CEO of Nanobiotix, comments: "The launch of the NBTX-TOPO development is consistent with the plans we have announced and is part of our strategy for the NanoXray pipeline development. We aim to offer innovative nanomedicine therapeutic tools to facilitate the work of physicians. With NBTX-TOPO, this represents the first time a product could potentially improve the effectiveness of post-operative radiotherapy, with better localization and elimination of residual cells – a significant aid to helping patients fight cancer."
Source: Nanobiotix (press release)
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