Optofluidics Announces Launch of a High Throughput Tractor Beam for Nanoparticle Measurement and Manipulation

(Nanowerk News) Optofluidics today announced the availability of a novel nanoparticle analysis and manipulation system called the NanoTweezer. The new system captures, manipulates, and analyzes individual nanoscale objects in high numbers including proteins aggregates, viruses, bacteria, and inorganic nanoparticles. The NanoTweezer uses proprietary nanophotonic waveguide technology to measure the most important properties of nanoparticles including size, shape and coating quality. The NanoTweezer is a plug-and-play attachment to standard microscopes.
The NanoTweezer Analysis System
The NanoTweezer Analysis System.
“Optofluidics’ NanoTweezer is the only commercial tool which enables true manipulation and analysis of a single nanoparticle, bacterium, virus, or even protein,” said David Erickson, chairman of Optofluidics. “The ability to obtain data on single particle size, shape, and chemical composition as well assess multi-particle interactions is unprecedented.”
The system guides laser light into tiny waveguides within a flow cell. The light emanating from the waveguides acts like a tractor beam which captures and illuminates nanoparticles. The availability of this system can significantly impact pharmaceutical drug development, environmental health, materials science and energy. Applications include protein aggregate analysis, single particle spectroscopy (including Raman), coating measurements, shape analysis, pigment analysis, and submicron particle imaging.
About Optofluidics, Inc.
Optofluidics, Inc. is a scientific equipment manufacturer commercializing particle analysis and manipulation technologies. Optofluidics was named Philadelphia Life Science Startup of 2012 by the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and is venture backed by BioAdvance. Their flagship product, the NanoTweezer, uses the latest in nanophotonics and nanotechnology to enable groundbreaking nanoparticle analysis.
Source: Optofluidics (press release)
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