Graphenea Create an Industrialization Strategy Backed By Repsol

(Nanowerk News) Graphenea, the Basque company dedicated to the production of graphene, is immersed in its industrialization strategy and will position in new markets after the investment of one million euros from Repsol and the Centre for the Industrial Technological Development (CDTI). Its director, Jesús de la Fuente, explain that the destination of the funds is to accelerate the development of the business plan by increasing the production capacity and the development of graphene materials for specific applications, which requires, in many cases, to develop new techniques.
To date, the main customers of Graphenea are the R&D departments of large companies such as Nokia and Philips. However, with this new step Graphenea will also develop graphene materials in collaboration with various companies working on the development of prototype products using graphene. This means that they will produce graphene to be used in products that target broader markets. In the words of its director, “This investment will make possible that when the graphene go from the lab to the market, Graphenea will be well positioned”.
As a preliminary step to this mass market, the company is engaged in researching in various developments of new products such as lithium ion batteries, solar cells and advanced composites. The usual steps in such developments are basic research, experimental research, proof of concept, prototypes running in real environment, approval and safety certifications. Thus, the entry of Repsol helps in the manufacturing phase.
Source: nanoBasque
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