Carbon Design Innovations Introduces its Performance Family of CNT Probes for AFM at Breakthrough Prices

(Nanowerk News) Carbon Design Innovations, Inc. (C|D|I), the leading manufacturer of carbon nanotube (CNT) probes for Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), today announced its new Performance Family of CNT Probes for AFM imaging. The company has pioneered processes for manufacturing cost reduction. “We are passing these savings to our customers,” said Vance Nau, CEO “by offering CNT probes at less than 30% of the typical pricing, and putting CNT probes on par with pricing for many specialty probes, we expect to break one of the barriers to everyday laboratory use.
Cylindrically shaped and extremely narrow, CNT probes are able to reveal significantly greater detail, across a larger surface and with fewer artifacts than standard AFM probes that are pyramidal in shape. In addition, the durability of CNT probes translates into better reproducibility between images and samples. Side-by-side demonstrations show that researchers using CNT probes obtain more accurate imaging results in samples ranging from materials to life science. C|D|I’s Performance Family of affordable CNT Probes are available on a variety of cantilevers and in several length ranges depending upon the users’ need for high-aspect ratio or extremely high-aspect ratio imaging.
CNT Probes from C|D|I offer customers greater imaging flexibility, performance and reproducibility that may enable them to make significant advances in AFM research. The new CNT AFM probes from C|D|I are compatible with all major AFM systems, giving users an easy path for improving AFM performance without making a substantial investment in new instrumentation.
About Carbon Design Innovations
Carbon Design Innovations develops and manufactures carbon nanotube devices based on a patented, deterministic methodology. The company’s initial focus is on manufacturing AFM probes. The company is able to produce CNT AFM probes that are perfectly straight and precisely aligned. The CNT is securely anchored providing for robust and stable imaging with previously unseen levels of performance. C|D|I’s CNT probes are more stable and have longer imaging lifetimes than other probe types. In addition, the ability to reinforce longer probes provides users with deep-trench scanning ability not previously available.
The company was founded by AFM and CNT industry veteran and company president, Ramsey M. Stevens in January, 2008.
Source: Carbon Design Innovations (press release)
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