Al-Hamlah to Invest $1.8 Million in Grafen Co.

(Nanowerk News) Dubai based investment company Al-Hamlah Investment Group plans to invest $1.8 million to fund production and supply business in Grafen Co. along with research and development activities.
The intended investment will focus on CrowdLit™, a novel supply business model developed by Grafen Co., which is a customer specific supply chain development process in the fields of nanomaterials, advanced composites and industrial chemicals. The same fund will also be utilized to support the current R&D on graphene based nanosystems.
“Our customers and business partners will experience amazing changes in products and services after the planned investment” said Grafen Co., “we are especially keen to improve quality and consistency in the supply”.
About Grafen Chemical Industries Co.
Grafen Co. was founded by Ibrahim Mutlay 10+ years ago to develop carbon nanotube based fibers. After extensive R&D in this field to build pilot-scale carbon nanotube development lines, Grafen Co. expanded its research directions into the immature graphene technology at 2007. Today, Grafen Co. with its skilled Executive and International Advisory Boards is a major technology developer in the field of advanced material sciences involving not only carbon nanostructures but also natural and man-made nanomaterials, functional polymers and fine chemicals.
Grafen Co. is headquartered in Ankara, Turkey.
Source: Grafen (press release)
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