Nanomix Awarded Design Patent in Japan for Point of Care Cartridge

(Nanowerk News) Nanomix Inc., a nanotechnology company focused on development of next generation Point of Care diagnostic tests to enable earlier and more accurate testing in hospital and pre-hospital settings, today announced that the Japanese Patent Office has allowed a design patent application relating to the Nanomix single-use cartridge. The single use, multiplex microfluidic test cartridge is a key aspect of the Nanomix POC system which also includes a mobile handheld reader. The system is designed to perform multiple in-vitro diagnostic assays simultaneously from a single whole-blood sample. The patent strengthens Nanomix's already robust patent portfolio covering both technology and product implementations.
The global market for POC testing is expected to grow from over $6B today to $8.9B by 2016. This growth will be fueled by the drive for lower cost diagnostic systems that provide reliable results faster to physicians and patients. Japan represents about 10% of the $1B global POC market for cardiac testing.
About Nanomix Inc.
Nanomix's leadership in nanoscale electronic sensors has enabled the development of the next generation of Point of Care testing systems where superior performance and rapid results can both be achieved in virtually any setting. The Nanomix mobile diagnostic platform performs multiple in-vitro diagnostic assays simultaneously from a single whole-blood sample. The compact size of the electronic instrument and disposable test cartridge can be configured to run a wide variety of tests using various assay techniques. Nanomix Laboratory Performance at the Point of Care, visit:
Source: Nanomix (press release)
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