ibidi and SiMPore Collaboration To Improve Cell Imaging With Novel Glass Nanomembranes

(Nanowerk News) ibidi GmbH, a leading supplier of cell-based assay and imaging tools, and SiMPore, Inc., a nanotechnology company specializing in novel nanomembranes, announce a collaboration to develop new live cell imaging tools. The collaboration will combine ibidi’s Cell Biochips with SiMPore’s new G-FLATTM Microporous Glass Membranes. The new products will enable researchers to culture single or multiple cell types and then analyze the cells by high resolution microscopy –something that is not presently possible using typical polymer cell culture inserts.
ibidi’s soon-to-be launched new products incorporating SiMPore’s membranes will make it possible, for the first time, to use a glass surface for bio-slides that can simulate an organ-like environment. Researchers studying processes in normal physiology or in inflammation, infection or cancer, should benefit from these new bio-slides. Potential applications will include co—culture of smooth muscle cells with endothelial cells under perfusion, trans-migration of leukocytes with dynamic shear stress or invasion assays using cancer cells, with the ability to image by phase contrast and fluorescence with high resolution.
 Human adipose-derived stem cells
G-FLAT™ Microporous Glass Membranes are optically transparent. Human adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) were cultured on top of G-FLAT™ membranes and imaged using phase contrast microscopy on an inverted microscope. Membranes were pre-treated with commercially available basement membrane protein extract. Cells spread and grew normally and displayed classic fibroblast morphology.
“ibidi is committed to improving the understanding of complex disease processes through our live cell analytical tools. The inclusion of SiMPore’s nanomembranes in our bio-slides is another significant advancement to our commitment,” said Dr. Roman Zantl, President and Head of Research and Development at ibidi.
SiMPore’s G-FLAT Microporous Glass Membranes are essentially micro-scale glass cover slips. For decades, glass cover slips have been widely used since glass promotes cell adhesion and has high optical clarity for imaging. Previously, suspended membranes of the glass material silicon oxide could not practically replace glass cover slips because silicon oxide membranes have suffered from wrinkling that distorts imaging. SiMPore’s innovation has been to develop flat, porous silicon oxide membranes that are less than 0.5 microns thick –all of which contribute to improved cell culture micro environments and higher quality imaging.
“We are very pleased to be working with an organization of ibidi’s caliber,” said Dr. James Roussie, SiMPore’s Vice-President of Operations. “We believe it is a confirmation that our innovative membrane technology platform provides real-world solutions.”
The new products will be available mid-year. These new products will be added to ibidi’s line of CellBiochips. ibidi’s existing Cell Biochips have been acknowledged in more than 3,000 technical publications.
About ibidi GmbH
ibidi GmbH, located in Martinsried near Munich, Germany, is a leading supplier of functional, cell-based assays, and products for cell microscopy. ibidi’s range of products offers solutions for classic cell culturing, and also complex assays (e.g., angiogenesis, chemotaxis, and wound healing). Their products help facilitate an understanding of the development of various diseases and related therapies. ibidi’s customers are working in scientific institutions, industrial pharmacology, and biotechnology. The products are sold to customers worldwide.
About SiMPore, Inc.
SiMPore is a nanotechnology company in Rochester, NY, USA, that is committed to driving innovation and enabling discovery to improve the human experience. SiMPore’s novel membrane technologies are used in cell culture and imaging, electron microscopy, genomics and medical device applications.
Source: Nanomix (press release)
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