New Nanosurf Application Notes For FlexAFM and FluidFM

(Nanowerk News) Two new FlexAFM application notes on bacteriorhodopsin imaging and spectroscopy are now available in the FlexAFM application list from Nanosurf.
The two application notes illustrate the capabilities of the C3000 controller in combination with the FlexAFM scan head.
Lund bacteriorhodopsin imaging
Left: App note Single molecule force spectroscopy of bacteriorhodopsin. Right: App Note High resolution imaging of the cytoplasmic side of bacteriorhodopsin.
Four new FluidFM application notes and a related FluidFM application video on cell adhesion are now available on the Nanosurf website. Check them out here (appnotes) and here (video).
The video can also be viewed on Nanosurf's Youtube channel.
Source: Nanosurf (press release)
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