Qlight Nanotech Wins Best Nanotechnology Company of the Year Award at NanoIsrael 2014

(Nanowerk News) Qlight Nanotech was founded in 2009 by Professor Uri Banin as a spin-off of Yissum, the technology transfer company of Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Qlight Nanotech awarded Best Nanotechnology Company of the Year. From left to right: Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Economy of the State of Israel, Dr. Yossi Bonfil, Qlight Nanotech's VP R&D, Professor Uri Banin, Qlight Nanotech's founder and CTO, Yaacov Michlin, CEO of Yissum and Chairman of the Board of Qlight Nanotech, and Dr. Volker Hilarius, Director International Projects at Merck.
Commenting on the reasons for choosing Qlight Nanotech, Avi Hasson, Chief Scientist of Israel’s Ministry of Economy, said at the award ceremony: “Qlight Nanotech encompasses a winning combination of outstanding technology originating from the Hebrew University together with a leading international industry partner, Merck KGaA. The company that was founded within the University reflects the innovation and attractiveness of Israel’s emerging nanotech sector.”
Professor Uri Banin, Qlight Nanotech’s scientific founder and CTO, stated, "We are honored to be chosen by a panel of experts as the best nanotechnology company of the year. In the past year we have made significant advancements in collaboration with our strategic partner, Merck KGaA, towards commercialization of our nanocrystal based technology for next generation flat panel displays. It is particularly satisfying that the company was founded during the first NanoIsrael conference in 2009, and was now chosen, in the same venue, as best nanotechnology company reflecting our exciting journey to establish Qlight Nanotech as a world leader in semiconductor nanocrystal-based applications.”
Qlight Nanotech develops nanocrystals with unique optical properties for numerous applications, including technologies that can revolutionize the mechanism of action of flat panel displays. Its innovative film technology for LCD displays uses unique nanocrystals for reducing energy consumption while significantly improving the color quality. The technology can nearly double the battery run time in mobile devices, and reduce by almost half the energy consumption of TV sets. Qlight Nanotech’s film also improves the color quality of the display, thus dramatically upgrading the user's viewing experience.
About Qlight Nanotech
Qlight Nanotech was founded in 2009 and is developing materials and applications based on semiconductor nanocrystals. Qlight’s leading technological team has significant expertise and innovation in nanoscience and nanotechnology, aimed at applications in general lighting, display screens, and more. The company is based on technology developed by Professor Uri Banin, from the Institute of Chemistry and the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Hebrew University. Prof. Banin is a leading scientist in the field of nanotechnology specializing in science and technology of nanomaterials and in their applications in diverse fields. Additional information about the company on www.qlightnano.com. Also visit Professor Banin research group website: http://chem.ch.huji.ac.il/~nano/
Source: Qlight Nanotech (press release)
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