Platinum Capital to Launch Two Global Nanotechnology Indices

(Nanowerk News) These two indices are designed to serve as benchmarks for professional investors to capitalize on the fastest growing technology companies spanning the five global markets most impacted by nanotechnology: manufacturing, electronics, energy, avionics and environment).
Platinum Capital is introducing the two indices in order to meet the needs of their ever growing list of diverse investors. Platinum Capital's diversified index (PCGID) will include 220 equally-weighted companies spanning all five nano-markets and is inclusive of both diversified companies that have nanotechnology as only one of many growth drivers, and pure-play companies that have nanotechnology as their primary driver of growth.
The Platinum Capital pure index (PCGIP) will be a concentrated index, comprised of 67 equally-weighted pure-play companies spanning all five nano-markets. The PCGIP index has been designed to best-suit Platinum Capital's small cap investors.
Malcolm Bickerstaff, a Senior Broker at Platinum Capital said, "Companies developing and involved in nanotechnology have been among the best performing stocks over the past decade. While the past is no guarantee of the future, I believe their out-performance will continue, led by strong growth in innovation and demand for their products and services."
Platinum Capital's new nanotechnology indices differ from others in that they are much broader, including more than the typical 10-30 company names and they are both equally-weighted, rather than being market cap-weighted. Broader indices on the other hand minimize company and market segment specific risk and volatility, and more readily capture emerging opportunities. They have a low correlation to the market and other more general technology indices. Equally-weighted indices, by definition, give equal importance to all members, making them superior comparative benchmarks to use within a specific industry, such as nanotechnology.
Leading companies within each index will be covered by high-quality, objective and actionable fundamental research and both indices will be rebalanced quarterly to reflect structural changes in the dynamic nanotechnology industry. ETF versions of each index are also set to be launched later in the year.
Zoe Simpson, a Research Analyst at Platinum Capital, commented, "These two indices will 'take the pulse' of the future in this dynamic and increasingly important industry, which already encompasses the great technology engine of the 20th and 21st centuries."
About Platinum Capital
Platinum Capital is a privately owned, boutique Investment Firm in the Private Equity market. The firm has a number of centres of excellence but primarily focuses on providing early stage funding to companies in both the Nanotechnology and Biotechnology sectors. Platinum Capital has lead or managed many successful Private Equity and Venture Capital investment projects across Asia and beyond, ranging from research projects on the applications of composite nano-materials to abnormality testing within the human gene pool.
Source: Platinum Capital (press release)
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