Cheap Tubes Inc Moves Into 16,000 Sqft Manufacturing Facility

(Nanowerk News) Cheap Tubes is pleased to announce the completion of their move into their new 16,000SF manufacturing facility.
The company is committed to continuing setting up it's bucky paper and graphene paper production line, it's silver and other nanowire species synthesis, it's graphene and nano wire based inks for transparent conductive electrodes, as well as offering custom synthesis at commercial scale.
“We can synthesize our silver nano wires at hundreds of grams scale. We believe this will enable us to come to market quickly and at a price point geared towards commercial acceptance. Of course we still are actively supplying high quality, low cost carbon nanotubes & graphene products to researchers and industry as we develop our new product lines.” said Mike Foley, President.
The new address is #3992 Rte 121 East, Cambridgeport, VT 05141. New phone # is 802-869-5555 although 802-254-6969 does still work. Our new fax line is 802-869-5554. To inquire about new or existing products please send emails to [email protected] or visit for more information.
Source: Cheap Tubes
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