Nominations for submissions for RUSNANOPRIZE 2014 now open

(Nanowerk News) RUSNANOPRIZE 2014 shall be awarded for research conducted in the fields of optics and electronics, which are characterized by high demand for nanotechnology research and are strategically important for the innovative development of many sectors of the global industry.
Rapid progress in the fields of electronics, optics and photonics defines the thrust of development for the modern society to a large extent and in many different spheres, from communications and information technology to medical diagnostics and environmentally sensitive solutions for public lighting.
The monetary part of the Prize amounts to 3 million rubles (about 85,000 US dollars).
RUSNANOPRIZE is awarded annually to the authors of scientific and technological developments and inventions in the field of nanotechnology that have been applied in mass production with a yearly turnover of at least $10 million. Scientists and inventors are awarded with the monetary prize, award symbols, certificates and badges. The company that had implemented the technology into mass production and has achieved commercial success through the implementation is awarded with prize symbol and certificate.
Russian and foreign legal entities, as well as individuals are eligible to submit nominations for the Prize, except members of the International Prize Awarding Committee. Self-nominations are also accepted.
Applications submission is opened through July 31st, 2014. Applications are accepted and registered by the Prize Directorate at [email protected] in strict compliance with the nomination form (click for direct access). Nomination criteria, composition of the Prize Committee and other information about the Prize can be found on the official website,
Information on RUSNANOPRIZE
The RUSNANOPRIZE award was founded in 2009 by the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, one of the largest nanotechnology industry investment companies in the world. The prize is awarded to both Russian and foreign citizens. Four of the eight laureates who had been awarded with the Prize in the last five years are foreign nationals.
RUSNANOPRIZE is intended to promote:
  • Integrating the demands of business and the interests of the scientific community
  • Wide public recognition of the development and practical application of nanotechnology
  • The development of experimental and applied scientific research in the field of nanotechnology, as well as their commercialization
  • International collaboration in the industry
  • Public acknowledgement of the role of individual scientists, researchers and groups that have brought scientific research to life.
  • For questions on nominating candidates:
  • Denis Krotov
  • [email protected]
  • +7 (495) 660-06-68 (4082)
  • +7 (926) 369-85-21
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