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May 2017
Date Location Event
May 7th - May 11th Konstanz (Germany) 15th European Workshop on MODERN DEVELOPMENTS AND APPLICATIONS IN MICROBEAM ANALYSIS and IUMAS-7 Meeting
May 8th - May 9th Aachen (Germany) Polymer Replication on Nanoscale
May 9th - May 10th Weimar (Germany) European Symposium and Exhibition on Biomaterials and Related Areas (Euroe BioMAT 2017)
May 10th - May 11th Berlin (Germany) Printed Electronics Europe
May 14th - May 17th Washington, DC (USA) Nanotech 2017 Conference & Expo
May 15th - May 17th Valencia (Spain) Polymer Science and Engineering
May 15th - May 18th Saratoga Springs, NY (USA) Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC 2017)
May 22nd - May 23rd Osaka (Japan) World Medical Nanotechnology Congress & Exp
May 22nd - May 26th Geneva (Switzerland) PHOTON'17
May 23rd - May 23rd Birmingham (UK) The Risks and Rewards of Nanomaterials (workshop)
May 24th - May 24th webinar NanoEHS Webinar Series: An Introduction to Voluntary Standards and Their Role in Enhancing the Quality of Scientific Research
May 25th - May 25th London (UK) Nanosurfaces 2017 - Nano-enhanced Surface Technologies
May 28th - Jun 1st Cairns (Australia) 11th Conference on New Diamond and Nano Carbons
May 29th - May 31st Osaka (Japan) International Conference and Exhibition on Materials Science and Engineering
May 29th - May 31st Osaka (Japan) International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery
May 29th - Jun 2nd Lviv (Ukraine) International Conference on Oxide Materials for Electronic Engineering - fabrication, properties and application (OMEE-2017)
May 29th - Jun 2nd Florence (Italy) Quantum science approaches to strongly correlated systems: from ultracold atoms to high-energy and condensed matter physics
May 29th - Jun 2nd Dresden (Germany) Future Trends in DNA-based Nanotechnology
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