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ArboraNano is the new Canadian Forest NanoProducts Network made possible through the Government of Canada's Business-led Networks of Centres of Excellence program, FPInnovations and NanoQuebec. ArboraNano has brought together researchers from vastly different industries to research and develop products that will be based on a plant-derived nanomaterial - NanoCrystalline Cellulose (NCC).
A non-profit research organization that brings together the various elements, across international boundaries, which are required for successfully transitioning exciting micro-nano technologies into aerospace systems.
CMC Microsystems provides microsystems researchers with industry-calibre design resources, access to state-of-the-art prototyping technologies, tools for test and support services to accelerate Canadian competitiveness through nano- and microelectronics.
As part of Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures, nanoAlberta is the single most dedicated authority on nanotechnology research, development and commercialization activities in the province.
NanoQuebec, a not-for-profit corporation jointly funded by the governments of Quebec and of Canada plays a central role in the structuring and planning efforts in nanotechnology in Quebec.
nanoBridge is a pan-Alberta funding initiative administered by the Faculty of Engineering and supported by Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures. Through a competitive application and review process, nanoBridge provides grant based funding in support of early-stage commercialization activities in microsystems and nanotechnology (MNT) to Alberta's academic, institutional and industrial communities. The primary mandate of nanoBridge is to support the continued development and generation of regional economic activity within the MNT industry.
The student-run Nanoclub aims to promote nanotechnology at the University of Toronto.
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