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NCRC was established at University of Tokyo for the purpose of realizing core technologies for the development of the ubiquitous information devices based on nanotechnologies, and is aiming at becoming one of the Center of Excellence (COE) in the world of advanced nano-photonics and electronics.
Masami Hagiya's project group dealing with molecular computing.
Backed by the establishment of Center of Excellence as a hub research center and the enhancement of research facilities, the Department of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering has created an environment that provides powerful support for nanoscience and nanoengineering, alongside industry-academy partnerships.
A one-stop research and practical applications center targeted at outside organizations. Current research and personnel development includes five Project Reseach Institutes at the Nanotechnology Research Center, consisting of Class 100 clean rooms and chemical labs. This Center provides state-of-the-art nanoprocessing equipment as well as measuring and evaluation instruments.
The research of the lab interfaces with condensed matter physics, materials science, and biophysics. Current research projects involve the development of synthesis and crystal growth of novel carbon materials such as carbon nanotubes and fullerenes.
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