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Product: Nanogel

Manufacturer: Cabot

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Product Sector: Industrial → Machinery → Insulation



Industrial and cryogenic applications place many demands on thermal insulation. It must be easy to apply, deliver high thermal performance over a wide range of temperatures, and hold up over time in harsh environments.

Cabot's NanogelŪ aerogel delivers in all areas:

– Thermal performance: With thermal conductivity 2-4 times lower than that of traditional materials such as polyurethane foam, mineral wool, perlite, and cellular glass, Nanogel provides much higher thermal efficiency at the same thickness and/or a significantly reduced insulation profile. Under mechanical compression, performance actually improves, making it ideal for load-bearing applications.

– Durability: Made of inorganic amorphous silica, and without blowing agents that degrade over time like polyurethane foam, Nanogel aerogel's performance is permanent. Its springy mechanical properties easily accommodate mechanical movements and vibrations without settling like perlite. It is completely hydrophobic and won't absorb water like many insulation materials.

– Ease of application: Nanogel aerogel is available in several products tailored for a variety of applications using conventional installation techniques.

• Nanogel particles are especially useful for loose-fill applications and can fill even small cavities in complex geometries such as double-wall tanks and around fittings and valves.

• The Thermal Wrap blanket is easily cut, rolled and shaped in the field with minimal dusting for installation on pipes, tanks and other equipment.

• The Compression Pack is designed for fast installation in pipeline systems.