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Product: ConFINE Fines Fixing Agent

Manufacturer: Baker Hughes

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Product Sector: Energy → Energy Generation → Fossil Fuels



Baker Hughes ConFINE™ fixing agent allows operators to capture fines away from the near wellbore area. This extends the well's producing life by preventing completion plugging, erosion, and clogging of surface facilities.

ConFINE treatments use advanced nanoparticle technology with high surface-force attractions to capture migrating fines in a frac pack. Rather than relying on oily, sticky, or tacky filming agents for fines fixation, ConFINE treatments use a special, solid material that is manufactured to nanometer particle size and added to fracturing proppant or gravel-pack sand to stabilize formation fines. These damagenanoparticles have an affinity for proppants and gravels and also maintain an attraction for swelling and migrating clays, silicates, and other formation fines.