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Product: NEETcoat Electrothermal Heating System

Manufacturer: NanoRidge Materials

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Product Sector: Industrial → Machinery → Insulation



NEETcoat® is a proven heat generating coating that is easily applied by a spray-on method. The product is lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistant, and provides uniform heating across a variety of surfaces and profiles. Its electrical conductivity also allows it to be used for static dissipation, averting potentially disastrous electrostatic discharges. With applications in refining, aerospace, offshore oil & gas, manufacturing, and more, NEETcoat® can be adapted to a wide array of applications.

NEETcoat is the first product using the company's proprietary NEET? (NanoEnhanced ElectroThermal) technology, a set of techniques for incorporating electrically and thermally conductive nanoparticles into polymers, plastics, ceramics, and other host matrices.