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Product: FluidCrystal NP

Manufacturer: Camurus

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Product Sector: Medical → Drug Delivery



Camurus' FluidCrystal NP injection nanoparticle delivery system is a high drug payload liquid crystal nanoparticle system developed for intravenous bolus injection and infusion products as well as for subcutaneous injection products. The unique liquid crystal interior with an enormous surface area makes the FluidCrystal® NP particles suitable carriers for amphiphilic and lipophilic drug compounds with solubility limitations or for encapsulation of sensitive drug compounds such as peptides and proteins.

High drug payloads

Drug payloads of up to 50% (by excipient weight) have been established for sparingly water-soluble small molecule drugs, yet retaining a narrow particle size distribution, interior structure, and stability of the FluidCrystal® NP system. The high drug load together with high lipid concentration in the final aqueous dispersion allows for smaller injection volumes than possible with emulsion or liposome systems.

Protection of sensitive drugs

Owing to the nanostructured lipid membrane environment the FluidCrystal® NP systems feature high in vivo stability and protect sensitive drugs, such as proteins, peptides, and other biomacromolecules, from degradation by endogenous enzymes. This feature results in extended systemic circulation; giving a more therapeutic delivery profile. Encapsulation can also reduce side-effects associated with high exposure of free drug compound.