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Product: nGlide

Manufacturer: NanoMech

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Product Sector: Industrial → Machinery → Lubrication



nGlide is an advanced lubricant designed through nanoengineered multi-functional formulations for loaded components. nGlide addresses a global need to save energy and enhance durability of equipment.

Tribology is the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion. It deals with friction, wear and lubrication which are inherent when two or more surfaces interact. Friction is one of the major reasons for failure of vital engineering components in systems such as engines, power generators, undercarriages in mining equipment and other machinery. In most industrialized nations, the annual cost of friction and wear related energy and material losses is estimated to be between 5% and 7% of the gross national product. In addition to equipment failure, tribological issues cause excess energy consumption at impacting surfaces due to excessive friction and accelerated wear, leading to reduced energy efficiency. For example, total frictional losses in a typical diesel engine may alone account for more than 10% of the total fuel energy (depending on engine size and driving conditions). Thus, addressing such critical lubrication demand is one of the grand challenges for sustainable manufacturing and operation of advanced engineered mechanical systems. The NanoGlide family of lubricants provides an unparalleled combination of high performance, modest cost, and eco-friendly manufacturing to address these global challenges.