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Product: TuffTek

Manufacturer: NanoMech

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Product Sector: Industrial → Machinery → Wear Protection



The use of increasingly hard materials in new products in multiple industries is driving a strong need for the development of higher performance cutting tools that can economically machine these materials. Duralor is a NanoMech subsidiary that was formed to produce and sell high performance coatings and coating processes for cutting tools and machine wear parts. Duralor's award winning technology includes the TuffTek extreme wear resistant coating product line which provides a breakthrough increase in performance.

TuffTek is a nanocomposite coating that is applied to carbide tools and inserts used in metal cuttings, enabling these tools to cut more efficiently and last longer than premium cutting tools on the market today.

TuffTek coated tools can improve tool life 300% or more compared to conventional coatings. The combination of exceptional wear resistance and great toughness brings TuffTek coated tools closer to an "ideal" cutting tool than any other presently on the market. TuffTek coated cutting tools can achieve wear life beyond conventionally coated tools and can even approach the wear life offered by polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PCBN) compact tools. High cost, brittleness, and limited choices of tool geometries are significant issues of concern with PCBN compact tools. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) based coatings offer a potential solution to these issues and have long been an important research subject. However, CBN has proven to be exceptionally difficult to reliably deposit using conventional techniques such as physical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition. Duralor's patented coating process uniquely solves the problems associated with creating CBN based coatings.