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Product: SAMP Coating

Manufacturer: Aculon

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Product Sector: Precision Engineering → Coatings



Aculon's proprietary "Self-Assembled Monolayer of Phosphonates" (SAMP) methodology can coat surfaces to impart hydrophobicity, adhesion, or corrosion inhibition. A monolayer is a nanoscale coating that is one molecule thick or 1-4 nanometers in thickness. A phosphonate is a phosphorous acid that combines a reactive phosphonic acid or "reactive head group" and a carbon based tail group connected through a stable phosphorous carbon bond (P-C). The reactive "heads" react with the surface through strong and stable metal phosphorous bonds, and the tails stick out from the surface and are chosen for their chemical functionality (non-stick, pro-stick, etc.).

Optical Lens Treated with Ultra-Hydrophobic SAMP

Optical Lens Treated with Ultra-Hydrophobic SAMP

SAMPs can coat metals, metal oxides, glass, ceramics, particles, semiconductors, and even some polymer surfaces by drawing on its library of structurally tailored phosphonic acids. The SAMP is covalently bound to the substrate surface. This permanent chemical bond is highly stable under ambient conditions.