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Product: X-SEED 100

Manufacturer: BASF

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Construction → Concrete → Hardening Accelerator



Unique hardening accelerator for cementitous materials - essential component of the Crystal Speed Hardening concept.

X-SEED 100 is an engineered suspension of crystal seeds containing nanoparticles, designed to boost the hydration process of early age cement (6-12 hrs). Based on unique and innovative seeding technology, the growth of the essential Calcium Silicate Hydrate crystals is strongly accelerated.

X-SEED 100 promotes concrete hardening at low, ambient and even heat curing temperatures. Unlike traditional acceleration methods and thanks to the unique mode of action - the virtually barrier-free crystal growth of the seeds in between the cement grains - early strength development is accelerated while the final microstructure benefits from equivalent or improved properties.

X-SEED 100 is optimized for all kinds of concretes, especially for structural precast elements where high early strength development is a key success factor for the producer. X-SEED 100 is a relevant alternative to heat curing methods and the strong promotion of hydration in particular supports the use of binders with lower clinker content.