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Product: Nanoparticle RNAi Reagent

Manufacturer: AparnaBio

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Product Sector: Medical → Diagnostics → Probe



AparnaBio's family of nanoparticle RNAi reagents are derived from our tissue targeting technologies that span Enhanced Permeability and Retention (EPR) vascular tumor targeting, peptide ligands, and monoclonal antibody targeting. With this tissue targeted RNAi delivery capabilities, and the in vivo optimized RNAi companion agents, our products are uniquely effective for in vivo RNAi studies.

nanoparticle RNAi reagents

AparnaBio has developed a family of reagents to enable translation of RNAi research to in vivo models of disease. InVivoPlex nanoparticle reagents provide tissue selective in vivo RNAi delivery.

This unique and powerful nanoparticle delivery system, designed for intravenous administration by tail vein injection, is the first research reagent giving tissue selective nucleic acid activity, greatly reducing activity at lung and other organs that complicates use of non-targeted reagents, reducing toxicity and induction of inflammatory cytokines that can obscure biological effects attributable to the nucleic acid activity. Importantly, these reagents can be used with a wide range of RNAi agents, from siRNA oligonucleotides to expressed shRNA.

InVivoPlex-TUMOR targets vascularized tumors by an Enhanced Permeability and Retention (EPR) mechanism. Companion products include InVivoTrak fluorescent RNAi agents for biodistribution studies and InVivoAct RNAi agents for negative and positive controls.