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Product: Sandvik Nanoflex

Manufacturer: Sandvik Materials Technology

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Product Sector: Textiles and Garments → Protection



Sandvik Nanoflex is an ultra high-strength stainless steel material with a combined good corrosion resistance. By a simple heat treatment after cold deformation, extremely high tensile strength levels in combination with a good toughness are obtained. Because the heat treatment is made at a low temperature, dimensions are perfectly maintained. In the as-delivered condition, Sandvik Nanoflex displays excellent forming properties.

The exceptional strength and toughness of Sandvik Nanoflex enables thin material to be used leading to a reduced weight. For certain applications Sandvik Nanoflex can, with remained strength and stiffness, reduce the weight compared to titanium or aluminium. The good corrosion and wear resistance of Sandvik Nanoflex keeps life-cycle costs low. Attractive or wear resistant surfaces can be achieved by various treatments.

Sandvik Nanoflex gives security a new meaning. Conventional protective garments, based on materials such as titanium, carbon fiber or high-strength steel, run the risk of failing when subject to extreme conditions. Though hard, these materials are also brittle, and may shatter on impact, as when struck by a bullet.

Sandvik Nanoflex opens a range of new design opportunities, matching low weight and increased flexibility with improved personal protection.

Sandvik Nanoflex offers a unique combination of:

* Strength for incresed safety and minimized weight

* Wear resistance for active usage

* Toughness for ensuring durability in critical situations