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Product: TopScreen DS13

Manufacturer: TopChim

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Food → Food Packaging → Packaging Material



TopScreen is a range of ecological finished barrier coating formulations, used in the production of paper or cardboard destined for packaging with specific barrier requirements. TopScreen barrier coating solutions can be adapted to meet additional specific customer requirements, like adjustments for machinability, glueability, coefficient of friction and tackiness.

TopScreen DS13 is an easily recyclable water based coating which contains a biopolymer with a monodisperse distribution of nano-particles with a regular shape. This coating technology is developed to replace hard to recycle wax emulsion coatings for water barriers in paper and board packaging. Paper and cardboard coated with TopScreen DS13 is as easily repulpable as non-treated paper or cardboard. By its very nature this biopolymer has no negative impact on the recyclability or biodegradability of the packaging.

TopScreen DS13 requires no stabilizers even with a high solid content, while viscosity remains low. Coating machines using TopScreen DS13 can simply be rinsed with water. Furthermore, TopScreen DS13 has a higher temperature resistance and is less sticky, which improves the handling of the treated paper and cardboard in production. TopScreen DS13 can be used both online and offline and is approved for a wide variety of paper and board packaging with food contact.