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Product: Nanotope 26

Manufacturer: TopChim

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Product Sector: Commodities → Pigments



NanoTope is the name for a range of patented nano size organic pigments, based on SMI (Poly Styrene Maleimide), developed by Topchim?s Nanoresearch department for specific innovative applications in the paper and cardboard industry.

NanoTopes are emulsifier free dispersions of low particle size plastic spherical pigments, types ranging between 30 nm and 150 nm. NanoTopes come pure or in hybrid systems (SMI nano particles precipitated on inorganic pigments). They can be used in any coating formulation combined with traditional inorganic filler pigments such as kaoline, talcum and calcium carbonate.

Nanotope 26 has a high thermal resistance with a Tg of up to 205C and has no-film forming properties when applied on the surface. Thanks to the high degree of uniform coverage and porosity at nano level, the NanoTope treated paper surface is smoother glossier and has astonishing printability-performance characteristics.