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Product: Nanoencapsulation for Drug Delivery

Manufacturer: ANP Technologies

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Product Sector: Medical → Drug Delivery



ANP's nanoencapsulation delivery system is capable of safely and cost-effectively delivering a variety of proteins through injection, nasal, and inhalation methods. The technology is proven to be superior to the existing stealth liposome and biodegradable polymer technologies in terms of cost, ease of formulation, long-term protein stability, and blood circulation time. This is primarily due to the fact that our nanocapsules produced from the patented process are less than 200 nm in diameter and monodisperse in nature, while liposomes and biodegradable polymers are predominantly more than 1,000 nm in diameter with polydisperse distributions.

Therefore, due to the nano size control and the incorporation of biologically stealthy surface designs, our nanocapsules are capable of freely circulating in the blood without the rapid clearance by capillary filtration in the lungs, or phagocytosis from the immune system.

The same technology can also be used for the delivery of siRNA and RNAi, as well as water insoluble, small molecule-based drugs.

Summary of Nanoencapsulation Technology:

* Precise size control at less than 200 nm

* Non-toxic & non-immunogenic

* Fully soluble in both aqueous and organic solvents

* Increased blood circulation time

* Simple formulation process

* Better stability than liposomes

* Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility

* Applicable to protein, RNA, and small molecule drugs