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Product: Lithium-ion Battery

Manufacturer: Envia Systems

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Product Sector: Energy → Energy Storage → Electrical Energy → Battery



The Best Battery on the Market Today Still Isn't Good Enough

Lithium-ion batteries are quickly becoming the standard in portable electronic devices because they can store a lot of energy in a small space. But the Li-ion batteries on the market today aren't such a great fit for cars. In fact, they're limiting the potential of electric vehicles and hybrids because they're expensive, heavy, potentially dangerous and short-lived.

Not for long. At Envia, we've specifically designed our materials to meet the demands of next-generation, clean energy transportation. Envia is about to change the game.

Highest Performance and Most Cost Effective Solution on the Market

Envia has developed a cathode material based on inexpensive metals (including manganese) that stores more energy per unit of weight than anything else in use today ? twice the energy density of lithium cobalt oxide. Because of the material's stability at higher voltages, it is able to access high capacities with long cycle life. The combination of high capacity and low cost metals helps to significantly lower the price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy storage. By putting more energy in each battery, the number of batteries required decreases ? by 50% in Envia?s case, dramatically reducing the overall cost of the application.

Envia uses a combination of processing techniques to tailor the electrode materials at the nanometer and micron level. Examples of some of these techniques include dopants, coatings, and process conditions.


Envia's cathode materials (particles).

Envia's Award-Winning Technology

Our lithium-ion battery provides the highest energy of all lithium?ion systems available for electric vehicles. Our cathode's crystal structure is inherently more stable than that of most commercial batteries, making it much safer. We also develop novel electrolytes that further enhance the safety and stability.

Envia recently received an R&D 100 Award for making an electric vehicle battery with the highest energy density.