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Product: Cerablak

Manufacturer: Applied Thin Films

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Product Sector: Construction → Building Materials → Wear Protection



Based on its unique characteristics and demonstrated performance, it represents a new development in ceramic/glass science with excellent commercial potential for a broad range of applications to include corrosion protection, hydrophobic/non-wetting/nonstick surfaces, high temperature oxidation protection, high emissivity coatings, protection for molten metal processing equipment, and protective coatings for bioceramic materials.

Current product development efforts in collaboration with over 20 Fortune 500 companies are targeted toward defense, energy, space, industrial, and consumer applications. A new family of nanocomposite films and materials can be produced with encapsulated nanoinclusions, within Cerablak™ matrix, of varying chemistries to induce/enhance desirable optical, mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties.

Cerablak coating

Due to the low surface energy and inert nature of Cerablak, it can be used as a protective coating on various accessories used in processing of molten non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum or zinc. Complete non-wetting character has been demonstrated on stainless steel, cast iron, and ceramic substrates with a thin layer of Cerablak applied by dip/spray/brush process.