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Product: Sun Control Window Films

Manufacturer: 3M

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Construction → Building Materials → Glass



With the new 3M Ceramic Series films, we bring you the three virtues that are most important: low reflectivity, high clarity and outstanding heat reduction. So you'll save energy while keeping your interior cool and looking beautiful. Using nanotechnology we've created ceramics so fine they are not only invisible to the naked eye they are imperceptible with an ordinary microscope. These ceramics allow us to create a film that is tough, won?t corrode and is so clear your view will remain beautiful.

The new 3M Ceramic Series delivers stellar performance against solar heat and sunlight. Our spectrally selective films reject up to 80% of the sun's infrared light to reduce energy costs; while also blocking more than 99% of the sun's harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays to reduce fading of fabrics.