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Product: Dynalene FC

Manufacturer: Dynalene

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Product Sector: Energy → Energy Generation → Fuel Cells → Coolant



Dynalene FC is a nanoparticle and water-based coolant with extremely low electrical conductivity (less than 1.0 ÁSiemens/cm). It has been specifically designed to maintain a low level of electrical conductivity for at least two years while providing excellent heat transfer properties similar to a water-based fluid. This coolant is primarily used for cooling PEM (polymer electrolyte membrane) fuel cell stacks and liquid cooled computers. The low electrical conductivity of the coolant enables the fuel cell to work efficiently (without "short-circuiting" the cells) and safely (without electrical shock hazards).

Dynalene FC coolant is designed to suppress the formation of these ions by two different mechanisms. First mechanism deals with the use of non-ionic corrosion inhibitors that reduces the rate of corrosion of the metal components, which otherwise would increase the concentration of the ions in the coolant fluid. The second mechanism of ion suppression is by utilizing nanoparticles in the coolant fluid that would react with the free ions and immobilize them. Once the free ions are immobilized by the nanoparticles, they do not contribute towards the electrical conductivity. Nanoparticles are designed to immobilize both the positive and the negative ions in the fluid, and they continue to work that way until they are saturated with the ions.