Nanotechnology Products and Applications

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Product: Phospholipid Platform

Manufacturer: Axialys

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Product Sector: Medical → Drug Delivery



AXIALYS has developed a toolbox of nanotechnology-based delivery systems, each of them providing distinct advantages for use in the nutrition, cosmetic and health care industries.

Delivery systems at the near-atomic, or less than 1,000 nanometers typically 0.1nm to 100nm constitute nanotechnology. At this scale, chemical materials exhibit totally new characteristics and abilities to interact with the living organisms.


The use of nanotechnology to engineer delivery system that improve efficacy of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) is at the forefront of today's medical science and the key to health improvement. They will reshape dramatically the way existing drugs are delivered.

NanoXomes are pH and temperature stable nano-size carriers ( 30~50 nm) able to encapsulate both hydrophilic and hydrophobic actives.

NanoXome allows the incorporation of all types of active ingredients into transparent formulations. It stabilizes the chemical and physical properties of the active ingredients while dramatically improving their solubility.