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Product: Aurimune

Manufacturer: CytImmune

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Product Sector: Medical → Therapeutics → Agents



CytImmune's tumor-targeting technology is highly versatile and may be used for the safe and systemic administration of drugs that traffic directly to the site of disease -- avoiding uptake by or accumulation in healthy organs and surrounding tissues.

The Company's nanoscale development strategy is to engineer new colloidal gold-based drug compounds which harness the therapeutic potential of potent anti-cancer agents, limit their biodistribution primarily to tumor sites, and add to TNF's biological actions. This core platform is the key to realizing improved patient outcomes.

CytImmune's approach offers the potential to enable and/or expand the clinical benefit of a variety of toxic agents (such as tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF), interleukins/interferons, monoclonal antibodies, chemotherapeutic agents, etc.) which may be used to treat multiple types of solid tumors -- either as monotherapies or in combination with existing standards of care. The Companyıs nanomedicines function independent of tumor specific biochemistry and, therefore, do not depend on the type of cancer treated.