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Manufacturer: CentroSolar Glas

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Product Sector: Energy → Energy Generation → Solar Cells



CENTROSOL solar glasses are manufactured by cutting-edge production methods, to the highest standards of quality. Centrosolar Glas is the first glass finisher in the world with fully integrated, automatic batch production of solar glass. It incorporates the processes of trimming, edge processing, coating, tempering and packing to customer-specific requirements.


This product group comprises low-iron special glasses made from float glass or structural glass, which are in addition given our Nano-Power anti-reflective coating on one or both sides.

Increased transmission

The Nano-Power anti-reflective coating substantially increases the transmission properties and thus permits maximum energy yield. In addition to increased transmission of vertical light sources, the properties particularly for light arriving at an angle and diffuse light are further enhanced. The annual energy yield of a PV system can thus be boosted by up to 6 % by our CENTROSOL HiT anti-reflective glasses.

Self-cleaning effect

The Nano-Power anti-reflective coating exhibits hydrophilic surface properties that produce an additional self-cleaning effect.