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Product: PuraMatrix

Manufacturer: 3DM

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Medical → Drug Delivery



The PuraMatrix™ hydrogel peptide is new synthetic material discovered by Dr. Shuguang Zhang at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

PuraMatrix is a peptide composed of 16 amino acid residues and contains no discernible growth factors or cytokines. It self-assembles to form a nano-fiber structure or macroscopically, hydrogel, in aqueous solution by hydrophobic and ionic bonding of the amino acids. The mechanical properties of the PuraMatrix are dependent on its concentration. The strength of cell culture scaffold can be adjusted to provide ideal environment for each cell type.

PuraMatrix is fully synthetic and devoid of animal-derived materials and pathogens with no risk of infection. The nano-fiber structure resembles that of natural collagen with fiber diameter of 5-10nm and enables cell proliferation equivalent to that within collagen. Within PuraMatrix, cells demonstrate greater proliferation than any other synthetic scaffold, such as PGA. PuraMatrix can be adopted in diverse applications such as tissue regeneration (e.g. bone filling, wound healing), cell therapies and drug delivery system.