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Product: Ultradur High Speed

Manufacturer: BASF

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Product Sector: Industrial → Chemical Engineering → Plastics



The Ultradur High Speed PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) has significantly improved new flow properties delivering measurable benefits over standard PBT grades in a variety of applications.

The new easy-flow product is a really fast mover: depending on the glass-fiber content, it flows nearly twice as far as comparable standard Ultradur PBT grades. Other characteristics of the polymer - like mechanical and thermal properties, density, shrinkage and hydrolysis stability ? are not significantly affected by the process.

The key to this flow improvement lies in the addition of a nano structured additive developed specifically for PBT.

The good flowability of Ultradur High Speed makes the production of injection-molded plastic components less expensive and helps to save energy. These factors qualified the material to receive an eco-efficiency label from BASF. This label is awarded to products that perform better from an environmental and financial standpoint than comparable products.

Benefits for Injection Molders include: Ultradur High Speed Spiral Flow

- Advantages in Parts and Mold Design

- Lower Molding Temperature and Shorter Holding Times

- Faster Cooling Times

- Shorter Cycle Times

- Greater Output