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Product: SGG Nano

Manufacturer: Saint-Gobain Glass

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Product Sector: Construction → Building Materials → Glass



Low e Reflective Glass - SGG NANO

SGG NANO is a high performance coated glass with advanced energy efficient solar control and thermal insulation (low e) properties.

How does it work?

This Advanced Solar Control and Thermal Insulation (low e) Glass is manufactured by deposition of multiple layers of highly specialized nano-metric metallic oxides / nitrides by a process of magnetically enhanced nanotechnology-based cathodic sputtering under vacuum conditions.

This low e reflective glass is made up of select coatings and is ideal for modern architecture which demands exterior glazing solutions with a neutral appearance.

SGG Nano scores high on light transmission as well as heat reflection.


* SGG Nano makes for an ideal sustainable glazing solution for all seasons and desired functionalities.

* It has a neutral appearance in spite of its unique properties, making it aesthetically appealing.

* It is an environment-friendly product that helps reduce energy consumption.