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Product: Core Processor Family

Manufacturer: Intel

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Product Sector: Information and Communications Technology → Electronics → Computer Chips



Intel's 32nm logic technology is a revolutionary technical breakthrough. Incorporating 2nd generation high-k metal gate transistors it features record NMOS and PMOS transistor performance as measured by drive current. It also has the highest reported density of any 32nm or 28nm technology available today as measured by both SRAM array density and gate pitch.

Intel Core Processor chip

Intel has also developed a full-featured system-on-a-chip (SoC) 32nm process technology to complement the CPU-specific technology. Including ultra-low power transistors with low standby/always-on circuit applications and high voltage I/O transistors, this new SoC technology enables computing devices to be more capable and energy efficient, while enabling smaller, more robust devices. As part of the evolution of Intel's tick-tock model, we will continue to develop a SoC process alongside each logic process.