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Product: Field Emission X-ray

Manufacturer: XinRay Systems

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Product Sector: Medical → Diagnostics → X-ray



Electron field emission is a quantum tunneling process where an electrical field is used to extract electrons. No heating is required, and the emission current can be controlled and modulated instantaneously by the external field. The "cold" cathode technology also enables the fabrication of matrix addressable distributed electron sources which can be used in a variety of vacuum electronic devices to not only replace the hot filaments but also add new capabilities and functionality.

The lack of reliable high performance electron field emitters have in the past prevented the development of this technology Nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes have shown promising electron field emission properties. The potential of utilizing these novel field emitters for devices such as field emission flat panel display, electron microscope, microwave amplifier, and x-ray tube is being actively investigated in industry and academic labs worldwide.

Xintek is a leader in the field of nanotechnology. Its proprietary nanomaterial based field emission electron sources have superior emission properties including high emission current and long term stability. Field emission x-ray tubes have been manufactured using Xintek's cold cathodes which are capable of generating sufficient flux for diagnostic x-ray imaging.