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Product: Carbon Nanotube Cathodes

Manufacturer: Xintek

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Product Sector: Information and Communications Technology → Electronics → Electrodes



XinRay's CNT based field emission cathodes can generate free electrons under an electric field. The CNT cathodes are cold cathodes and can be switched on and off instantly. Using these cathodes can effectively reduce the device warm-up time and heat generation compared to traditional vacuum electronics based on thermionic cathodes (cathode ray tubes, microwave tubes, and X-ray tubes etc) and improve the speed and energy efficiency of the devices. XinRay's CNT cathodes can also be closely packed, which makes it possible to produce 1D electron source arrays and 2D large-area field electron sources. The electron source arrays lay the foundation for XinRay?s revolutionary multi-beam field emission X-ray tube technology.

XinRay's CNT based field emission cathodes are fabricated using its proprietary post deposition process. In the process, the CNT materials and cathodes are fabricated in two separate steps. In the first step, CNT materials with the enhanced field emission properties are produced. In the second step, the CNT materials are deposited with binders under optimal conditions onto the cathode substrates to achieve the desired surface morphology, CNT density and adhesion between the CNT deposition and the substrates. XinRay's CNT materials and cathode fabrication process have been optimized over many years of comprehensive research and development.