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Product: NANOBYK-3650 Additives

Manufacturer: BYK

Product page: (external link)

Product Sector: Transportation → Automotive → Wear Protection



Nanotechnology additives of the 3600 series improve the scratch resistance of aqueous and solvent-borne coating systems without fundamentally affecting the optical coating properties such as gloss, shade, transparency, or other physical qualities.

The latest NANOBYK® products do not just complement our range of additives for greater scratch resistance in solvent-borne clear coatings; they optimize the surface protection through their immediate reflow effect.

The silica nanoparticles of the NANOBYK®-3650 product family are uniformly distributed within the coating and work like a shock absorber system. Their interaction absorbs the impact energy, preventing any damage to the coating. In addition to elasticity, the coating acquires a consistent hardness, with both qualities together providing optimum long-term protection.