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Product: Thermal Barrier Coating

Manufacturer: Applied Thin Films

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Product Sector: Information and Communications Technology → Electronics → Barrier Coatings



A new nano-engineered Thermal Barrier Coating material based on layered perovskite compositions (BaNd2Ti3O10) that offers extremely low thermal conductivity (0.7 W/mK above 1300C) combined with excellent strain tolerance and tailorable CTE to match substrates.

BNT belongs to a special class of highly anisotropic refractory layered perovskites. The crystal structure contains easy-cleaving planes that provide both lower thermal conductivity and required compliance. Measurement of thermal conductivity on hot pressed BNT material shows lower k values (especially at elevated T) compared to conventional e-beam PVD YSZ TBCs (figure on right). Dense BNT coatings will provide desirable thermophysical and mechanical properties and provide better oxidation protection and will not be subject to sintering stresses that cause spallation. By controlling the crystallographic texture, the CTE can be tailored to match the substrate.

Using ATFI's proprietary synthetic process, BNT powders with excellent flow characteristics have been used to deposit dense coatings by APS on a variety of substrates with excellent adhesion and thickness ranging from 15µm to over 1mm. Substrates include: copper, steel, superalloy, MCrAlY, graphite, and alumina.