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Product: Bioni Roof

Manufacturer: Bioni CS

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Product Sector: Construction → Building Materials → Insulation



Bioni's core business is the development, production and marketing of coatings to enhance the walls, facades and roofs of all manner of buildings. We produce intelligent coatings meeting the highest standards of quality, adding real value to what our professional users do and benefiting our customers.

Based upon our steadily expanding body of proprietary knowledge and in combination with the latest scientific discoveries, in the field of nanotechnology in particular, we have been able to create functional coatings with exceptional properties and product characteristics.

Roof coatings are subject to special conditions and must be able to lastingly withstand extreme temperatures as well as the effects of moisture and frost. Bioni Roof is a coating of the highest quality and thanks to its multi-functionality and high degree of durability ensures lasting protection for the roofing against the effects of the environment and the weather.